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Casio fx-991es Plus-2nd Edition
Casio fx-991es Plus II Scientific Calculator is a Non-Programmable calculator. Redesigned ES PLUS series that comes along with easier understanding Natural Textbook Display. The calculator comes with a dot matrix display. It can be run with both solar energy and a power battery source. The natural textbook format helps to understand the textbook problems and also, they show the solutions in bookish format which is easy to understand.

Title:Casio Scientific Calculator fx-991ES Plus-2 (2nd edition) 3 Years Warranty
DisplayDot matrix display
Product TypeNon Programmable Scientific Calculator
ModelCasio Scientific Calculator fx-991ES Plus-2 (2nd Edition)
Country of OriginChina or Thailand. Technology Japan
Digit12 digits (10-digit mantissa plus 2-digit exponential display)
Natural textbook displayDisplay expression same as textbook.
Number of Functions417
Multi-replayQuick and easy recall of previously executed formulas for editing and re-execution.
Power SourcesSolar and Battery Solar powered when light is sufficient and battery powered when light is insufficient.
Key TypePlastic keys
Basic Mathematical FunctionsTrigonometric and Exponential logarithmic and etc.
Basic StatisticsStandard statistics functions such as Mean and SUM and Standard Deviation and Regression
Metric conversion functionYou can convert a number in one unit to a number in a different unit
Warranty3 Years Warranty


Warranty Period

3 Years


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